Angel Whips: Illuminate Your Journey with COB Technology!

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Experience the Next Level of Illumination with Angel Whips Featuring COB Technology! Engineered for UTVs and ATVs, these advanced whips harness the power of COB for unparalleled visibility and durability. Say goodbye to traditional SMD LEDs – our Angel Whips deliver brighter, more uniform illumination with superior thermal management and a compact design, ensuring cooler operating temperatures and eliminating hot spots for a smooth, glare-free lighting experience.

But that's not all – our Angel Whips sync seamlessly with our K2 Rock Lights using the same control box, providing a cohesive lighting setup with minimal effort. Sold exclusively as pairs, they include break and turn signal functionality for increased safety and visibility. With Bluetooth technology, controlling your lights is easier than ever.

Plus, our Angel Whips boast a unique built-in spring to prevent breaking at the base, and they come with a 12-month limited warranty for added peace of mind.

Upgrade your off-road experience today with Angel Whips and unleash the power of COB technology!

Note: Whips MUST be wired to a switch or a power source capable of cutting power to the controller. Failure to do so may result in a constant drain on your vehicle's battery and potential damage to the controller. Consult your vehicle's manual for any additional guidance or precautions. (Switch sold separately)