New Angel Whips

Unleash the power of COB technology with our advanced Angel Whips for UTVs and ATVs. Engineered for maximum visibility and durability, these whips outshine traditional SMD LEDs. With COB's superior thermal management and compact design, our whips deliver brighter, more uniform illumination while maintaining cooler operating temperatures. Say goodbye to hot spots and uneven lighting – our Angel Whips provide a smooth, glare-free lighting experience. Whether you're tearing through trails or making a statement at events, trust in COB technology to light the way. Upgrade to our Angel Whips today and see the difference for yourself.


Our Background:

Originally founded in Idaho, Whip It Light Rods supplies the world’s largest power sports distributors with LED light rods. Being a top-tier innovator in the industry, we are dedicated to the joy, safety, and experience of power motorsport vehicles and the customers that enjoy them. Whip It Light Rods is one of the first premium providers of LED light rods and because of this, our team prides itself on boundless innovation and quality products used on recreational vehicles.