Look amazing while also maintaining the highest level of safety.

Whip It Rock Lights - Unmatched Light Coverage for Safety and Style

Our 210-degree rock lights boast a superior design that allows them to emit more light compared to standard 180-degree rock lights. This enhanced coverage is achieved through the innovative peak design of our lights, which maximizes light dispersion in all directions.

Traditional 180-degree rock lights emit light in a half-sphere pattern, providing illumination primarily downwards and to the sides. However, our 210-degree rock lights feature a specialized peak design that extends the light distribution beyond the typical hemisphere. This means that our lights emit light not only downwards and to the sides but also upwards and diagonally, resulting in a wider and more comprehensive coverage area.

The peak design of our rock lights ensures that light is dispersed more evenly and effectively across the entire surroundings of your vehicle. Whether you're illuminating the undercarriage, wheel wells, or surrounding terrain, our 210-degree rock lights offer increased visibility and illumination, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

By emitting light in a broader range of directions, our rock lights eliminate dark spots and provide a more uniform illumination pattern. This makes them ideal for navigating challenging terrain, enhancing off-road adventures, and ensuring that you're clearly visible to others on the road.

In summary, our 210-degree rock lights with peak design outshine standard 180-degree rock lights by emitting light in a wider angle, providing superior coverage, and enhancing overall visibility and safety.


Illuminate Your Adventure

These rock lights not only serve as a crucial safety feature, significantly improving your visibility when riding at night, but they also provide valuable illumination when navigating tight or rocky areas during dusk or nighttime. With our LED Rock Lights, you can confidently embark on your off-road journeys, knowing that safety and visibility are at the forefront.

Rugged and Ready to Play

Upgrade your off-road adventures with our K2 Premium 210 Degree LED Rock Light Kits. Enjoy the ease of installation, durable construction, and wide coverage provided by these top-of-the-line rock lights. Illuminate your path, conquer challenging terrains, and make the most of your off-road journeys with our high-quality LED rock light kits.

Easy to Control

These are the brightest, most visible, and vibrant rock lights in the industry right now and you can control them right from your phone with their easy-to-use app for iPhone and Android devices. They also work seamlessly with Whip It’s LED Whips, so they give your vehicles a polished and professional look.

Rock Lights Specs

WORKING POWER:16W/4pods, 32W/8pods
LIFETIME: Average 50000 hours.
MATERIAL: Polycarbonate Lens
MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy 
PODS SIZE: 73.7*40.7*3.3mm
CORD: Wear-resistant heavy-duty cord, 10ft lengths/pods
Included: Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws. Curved and Flat Rubber Mounts, Control Box and Remote or download the free App. 

Do It Yourself Install

With Whipit Rock Lights theyre not just easy on the eyes, they're easy to install.  With this step by step guide you'll be climbing rocks and lighting up the night in no time.  If you dont have the ability to stream this video?  Feel free to download the pdf with the link below.  

Tool List
  • Socket Set
  • Wire Cutters
  • Zip Ties
  • Impact Driver
  • Various Driver Bits

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