MagLink LED Whips: Illuminate Your Adventure with Ease!

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Introducing our MagLink LED Whips with an innovative Magnetic Base! Elevate your off-road experience with this top-of-the-line product featuring 300 colors and 200 preset patterns, all controllable via Bluetooth® from your phone or a dedicated remote. The MagLink Whips boast a unique built-in spring to prevent breaking at the base and come with a 12-month limited warranty. With RGB Chasing technology and Bluetooth® control via our user-friendly app, you can customize colors, patterns, brightness, and speed with ease. Built to withstand harsh terrain, the MagLink Whips feature a durable EVA transparent heat shrinkable hard tube and a sturdy 6063 aviation aluminum base. Easy to install with a plug-and-play design and waterproof construction, these MagLink Whips are available in 3FT or 5FT lengths, single or pair.

But that's not all – our LED whips also sync seamlessly with our K2 Rock Lights using the same control box, providing a cohesive lighting setup with minimal effort. Plus, our Sync Combo pair includes Brake and Turn Signal Function for added safety and convenience. Illuminate your adventure with an array of color and pattern combinations - upgrade to our MagLink Whips today!


Note: Whips MUST be wired to a switch or a power source capable of cutting power to the controller. Failure to do so may result in a constant drain on your vehicle's battery and potential damage to the controller. Consult your vehicle's manual for any additional guidance or precautions. (Switch sold separately)


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