Quick Release Flag Mount: Effortless Attachment for LED Whips

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Revolutionize Your Whip Installation with our Quick-Release Flag Mount"

Make whip installation and removal effortless with our Quick-Release Flag Mount, a fan-favorite among our customers. This innovative mount simplifies the process of attaching and detaching your Whip It Light Rods and Day Flags, ensuring hassle-free operation every time.

Say goodbye to complex procedures – with our quick-release pin mechanism, removing your LED whip is as easy as it gets. Simply remove the locking pin and power cable, and your whip or flag is ready to be detached in seconds.

Crafted from durable billet aluminum, our mount is built to last, providing reliable performance and peace of mind for years to come. Designed to work seamlessly with SOL and Old Glory LED Whip It Light Rods, it's the perfect companion for your lighting setup.

Featuring a quick-release cap with a 3/8" x 24mm stud, our mount ensures a secure connection while allowing for swift removal when needed. The bottom piece boasts a 1/2" stud with nut and washer, providing added stability and peace of mind.

Upgrade your whip installation experience with our Quick-Release Flag Mount and enjoy unparalleled convenience and ease of use. Say hello to hassle-free whip installation and removal, and spend more time enjoying your adventures on and off the road.