Marine LED Whips: Enhance Safety and Style on the Water

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Illuminate Your Night Boating Adventures with Whip It Marine Whips - Unmatched Visibility and Durability!

Enhance your boat's safety and visibility with our meticulously engineered Marine Whips, designed to withstand the toughest maritime conditions while providing efficient stern lighting. Compatible with most two-pin stern light base mounts, these whips offer remote operation and feature the same spiral design and 360 degrees of intense light found in our premium light rods.

Key Features:

1. 360 Degrees of Visibility: Enjoy a full range of light coverage, maximizing safety and visibility on the water. Our Marine Whips ensure you are seen from all angles, enhancing your boating experience.

2. RGB Chasing Color Lighting: Take advantage of over 300 captivating colors and 200 patterns, all controllable with a convenient remote. Easily switch between colors and patterns or turn off the lights when desired, adding a vibrant touch to your nighttime boating.

3. IP68 Waterproof and Anti-Ultraviolet: Built to withstand water exposure and resist the damaging effects of UV rays, our Marine Whips are IP68 waterproof, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging marine environments.

4. Corrosion Resistant to Saltwater: Designed to endure the challenges of saltwater environments, our marine whips are highly resistant to corrosion, maintaining their functionality and appearance over time.

5. Shockproof: Withstand rough conditions and vibrations with ease. Our Marine Whips provide reliable and consistent lighting, even in challenging boating conditions.

6. Available in 4FT and 6FT Lengths: Choose the appropriate length to suit your boat's requirements and ensure optimal visibility. Our Marine Whips are available in 4FT and 6FT lengths, catering to various boat sizes.

Note: Whip plugs into stern mount. Remove top screw on base mount as that is for shipping purposes only. Cam lock drops into mount base turn to lock.

Important: Verify the local and federal laws regarding the use of marine whips in your area to ensure compliance. Whip It Light Rods assumes no responsibility for any violations of the law resulting from the use of this marine whip.

Upgrade your boating safety and visibility with Whip It Marine Whips. Experience their durability, versatility, and captivating colors. Order now and cruise the waters with confidence!