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These OURA Pro Light Rods offer all the features of our top-of-the-line Light Rod, comes with a dedicated remote control, PLUS they include an upgraded Bluetooth controller that allows for seamless integration with our (free), easy-to-use App. This is the perfect way to step up your game and add a ton of light to your machine with the convenience of controlling everything from your phone. The OURA Pro Light Rods include the following features:
  • Bluetooth® control via a free, easy-to-use App. Provides ultimate functionality including music sync, color, pattern and light effect customization, color brightness and speed control, and group LED control.
  • RGB light rods light up with 20 different colors and 22 functions, including flash, strobe and fade through colors; adjust speed/brightness or lock on one color.
  • Sync Combo set available. Sync Combo set comes with Brake and Turn Signal Function. Control your Whip It Light Rods Rock Lights (25-400, 25-800) using the same App.
  • Made with a 1/2" fiberglass rod that flexes and bends and is virtually indestructible.
  • IP65 dust & water resistant • Easy to install and provides rock solid performance.
  • 360 degrees of awesome color! Our unique spiraled design means you get more LEDs per foot of whip.
  • LED lights have UV protection to resist discoloration, maintain clarity and brightness.
  • Includes: remote, wiring harness, spring mount, black Whip It flag, flag hardware and install instructions.
  • LED Technology: SMD5050
LED Quantity: 3FT/215PCS, 5FT/420PCS (Pair *2)
Operate 12V DC.
1 year warranty.
Made in the USA.

Color: Black