OLD GLORY LED Whips: Illuminate Your Ride with Patriotic Pride

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Illuminate Your Patriotism with Red, White, and Blue Whips - The Brightest Whips on the Market!

Showcase your American pride in style with our all-new Red, White, and Blue Whips. The perfect addition to any vehicle proudly displaying the Old Glory, these whips are crafted from nearly indestructible fiberglass rods that flex and bend like our popular SOL whips. With a straightforward and user-friendly design, these whips simply turn on and light up, allowing you to express your patriotism effortlessly.

Key Features:

1. Indestructible Fiberglass Rod: Made with a 1/2" fiberglass rod that flexes and bends while remaining virtually indestructible, our Red, White, and Blue Whips ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

2. IP65 Dust & Waterproof: Designed to withstand various outdoor conditions, these whips are resistant to dust and water, providing reliable operation in different environments.

3. Easy Installation and Rock-Solid Performance: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process and rock-solid performance, allowing you to focus on showcasing your American pride without any complications.

4. 360 Degrees of Awesome Color: Our unique spiraled design maximizes the number of LEDs per foot of whip, delivering an impressive 360-degree display of vibrant colors. Illuminate the roads with a captivating light show!

5. UV-Protected LED Lights: The LED lights are equipped with UV protection, ensuring resistance to discoloration while maintaining clarity and brightness over time.

6. Comprehensive Package: Included in the package are a male DC cable, spring mount, black Whip It flag, flag hardware, and detailed installation instructions. Everything you need for a hassle-free setup.

7. LED Quantity Options: Choose from LED quantities of 3FT/960PCS or 5FT/1680PCS (Pair *2) to suit your preferences and vehicle size.

8. Operating at 12V DC: These Red, White, and Blue Whips operate at 12V DC, providing energy-efficient and reliable performance. Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty.

9. Proudly Assembled in the USA: Embody the spirit of patriotism and quality craftsmanship with our Red, White, and Blue Whips, proudly assembled in the USA.

Illuminate the roads with the brightest whips on the market and proudly showcase your American pride. Order now and let your vehicle shine with the red, white, and blue!

Important Note: Whips MUST be wired to a switch or a power source capable of cutting power to the controller. Failure to do so may result in a constant drain on your vehicle's battery and potential damage to the controller. (Switch sold separately.)

Enhance safety and functionality with this wiring guidance, ensuring a seamless integration of your whips into your vehicle's electrical system. Opt for a switch or plug n play power adapter, sold separately, to complete the setup and enjoy worry-free usage.