Illuminate Your Adventure with New Pure White LED Whips

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Illuminate your off-road adventures with our cutting-edge Pure White LED Whips. Designed for enthusiasts seeking a powerful and sleek lighting solution, these whips provide a modern aesthetic and enhanced visibility on the trails. The quick disconnect feature ensures effortless installation and removal, allowing you to customize your ride with ease. Elevate your off-road experience with these Pure White LED Whips – your journey to adventure just became brighter.

Key Features of the Pure White LED Whips:

  1. Pure White LED Diode:

    • 6000K color temperature for a pure white, daylight-like glow.
    • Offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, enhancing the overall look of your off-road vehicle.
  2. Easy-to-Remove Quick Disconnect Base:

    • Made from 6063 aviation aluminum for durability.
    • Non-rotating base with stainless steel surrounding ensures effortless removal and installation.
  3. Unrivaled Variety of Colors and Patterns:

    • Captivating chasing function with 300 colors and 200 patterns.
    • Customize your experience with options like flash, strobe, fade-through-colors, and more.
  4. Sync Combo Set:

    • Includes brake, turn signal, and reverse functions for added safety features.
  5. Bluetooth® Control via Free App:

    • User-friendly App for seamless control of functionality.
    • Music synchronization, color customization, pattern selection, brightness, and speed control.
  6. Durable Hard Tube:

    • EVA transparent heat shrinkable hard tube for enhanced impact resistance.
    • Conquer any harsh terrain with confidence.
  7. IP67 Dust & Waterproof:

    • Hard PC-wrapped shockproof tube withstands dust and water.
    • Reliable performance in challenging environments.
  8. Secure Connection Base:

    • Rubber rings prevent sand from entering and causing wear.
    • Stainless steel base prevents swelling in warm conditions, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection.
  9. Pair with Whip It Rock Lights:

    • Combine with Whip It Rock Lights for a cohesive and eye-catching aesthetic.
  10. Included Accessories:

    • Remote, wiring harness, black Whip It flag, American flag, flag hardware, and detailed installation instructions.
  11. Operates at 12V DC:

    • Compatible with 12V DC power systems for easy integration.
  12. 1-Year Warranty:

    • Backed by a 1-year warranty for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Upgrade your ride with the Pure White LED Whips and enjoy dynamic colors, versatility, and durability. Illuminate your machine and make a statement. Order now for enhanced visibility and style on your off-road adventures!

Important Note: Whips MUST be wired to a switch or a power source capable of cutting power to the controller. Failure to do so may result in a constant drain on your vehicle's battery and potential damage to the controller. (Switch sold separately.)

Turn Signal Integration: For vehicles equipped with turn signals, maximize visibility by integrating the Yellow and Green wires. Connect them to the positive left and right turn signal wires, allowing your whips to flash amber in sync with your vehicle's turn signals. Pay attention to the labels on the whip connector, corresponding to the left and right sides.

Enhance safety and functionality with this wiring guidance, ensuring a seamless integration of your whips into your vehicle's electrical system. Opt for a switch or plug n play power adapter, sold separately, to complete the setup and enjoy worry-free usage.

Size: 2FT
Quantity: Pair