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Our premium heavy duty barrel springs are the perfect way to protect your Whip It Light Rod or flag. They attach securely and allow your Whip to move if struck providing important protection.

The tapered (potbelly) design has less memory in situations where the whip is going to be used or stored in a folded down position.  Straight body springs tend to have more strength, but if bent in one direction for extended amount of time, they tend to take a bend memory that is not cosmetically ideal.

3/8-24 thread, this spring base is suitable for our Premium Chasing and RGB Light Rods. Will not work with any other models due to thread size.

FLEXIBLE - High speeds and corners can do a number on your whips and antennas, testing them to the limit of their flexibility. A sturdy spring base can take a lot of the stress off your equipment during fast highway or off-road use.

APPLICATION - Applicable to all vehicles and boats.

STRONG AND SECURE - Great performance of shockproof, waterproof, and rustproof. High carbon steel material with the pot-belly style barrel spring increases flexibility and durability, protects your whip light from breaking.