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Shield your Whip It Light Rod or flag with our premium Heavy Duty Barrel Springs—a superior solution for essential protection. Engineered for a secure attachment, these springs offer the flexibility for your whip to move if struck, ensuring vital safeguarding for your valuable equipment.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Tapered Design: The potbelly or tapered design minimizes memory, particularly when the whip is folded down. This design choice prevents unsightly bend memories that may occur with straight body springs when bent in one direction for an extended period.

Optimized Thread Size:

  • Perfect Fit: Featuring a 3/8-24 thread, this spring base is specifically designed for our Premium Chasing and RGB Light Rods. Please note that it is exclusively compatible with this thread size and will not work with other models.

Flexibility for Demanding Conditions:

  • Flexible and Resilient: The potbelly style barrel spring, crafted from high carbon steel, enhances flexibility and durability. It performs exceptionally in high-stress situations, such as fast highway or off-road use, alleviating stress on your equipment.

Versatile Application:

  • Universal Compatibility: Applicable to all vehicles and boats, these barrel springs offer versatile application, providing a reliable solution across a broad range of vehicles and marine settings.

Strength and Security:

  • Durable Performance: Built for shockproof, waterproof, and rustproof performance, our Heavy Duty Barrel Springs ensure the longevity of your whip light. The high carbon steel construction, combined with the potbelly design, effectively safeguards your equipment, preventing breakage.

Upgrade your whip light's defense with our Heavy Duty Barrel Springs—delivering superior flexibility, reduced memory, and enduring protection for your valuable gear.