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LED Accessories and Flag Mounts

All your accessories needed to customize to your needs

Whip It Light Rods Fully Adjustable Roll Bar mount!


Want to mount a Light Rod or other flag to your roll bar but cannot find a single verical or horizontal roll bar to put it on?  We have to solution!  Our fully adjustable roll bar mounts pivot and adjust to any angle your roll bar may have.  Want to run two flags in an X pattern, NO PROBLEM!  Use two of these mounts and you can mount your flags at any angle!  Available in Can Am 2" bar mount and RZR 1.75" bar mount! 

Price: $65.00

Replacement Control Box and Remote

Did you lose your remote? Maybe you want to wire another application and just transfer the flag to a different vehicle. You can purchase an additional box containing the control box, remote, and power plug in.

These are for our first gen style flags only.  Please contact us for RF style remotes.

Price: $20.00

Spitter Cable

This cord will allow you to run two flags from the one control box! This will allow both flags to go through the colors simultaneously!  Splitter also comes with a 3' extension.  These are for our first gen style flags only.  The new RF style flags do not require these, nor do the Delux style flags.

Price: $15.00

Extension Cables


Extension cables are available for multiple uses! We carry an 18" cable that can help relocate the control box from the flag to the quad or other location. We also have a 3' cable to use when running two flags on a SxS, with the use of a splitter cord and this extension, it will clean a lot of the wiring up! We carry a 10' cable that will relocate the control box to under the dash of a SxS. We also carry a 20' extension that would go with a camp locator and put the control box at ground level. These are just examples of what can be done with the extensions, but order the size you want and use it however fits your needs.

These are for our first gen and our Delux flags, not required for RF style flags.


Horizontal Flag Mount Black

Black Metal flag holder.  Fits multiple applications.  Mounts to horizontal cross bar

Price: $20.00

Vertical Flag Mount Black

Black Metal flag holder.  Fits multiple applications. Mounts to vertical roll bar.

Price: $20.00


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